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High School Students

Have you ever thought about what a day in the life of a brain surgeon, dietitian, or emergency room nurse looks like? Are you curious about how lifestyles and environments influence health? Do you wish underserved communities had more access to health care?

If you said yes to any of these questions, or wonder about what it is like to work in the health profession, you are in the right place to begin exploring more about health careers. When in high school, this is a good time to be curious and ask questions about future career options. This website will give you information and resources to answer some of your health career questions, and hopefully spark more interest to keep exploring this field!

Whether you are considering going to college or doing a special training program after high school, it is important to start thinking about your options and the various health-related professions available to you. What subjects in school do you most enjoy? What are your passions, skills, and talents? Reflecting on what you do like, and don't like, will help you choose a career path that is right for you.

Start you journey to discovering more about the health sciences field by checking out the numerous resources on this website. You may also want to search for pathway programs that give you hands-on experience in the health profession of your choice. Start your search by clicking on "Explore pathway programs" below.

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